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Surge Fitness operates out of one of the largest private fitness facilities in California, measuring approximately 40,000 sq ft.  Our dynamic training room located on the 2nd floor is equipped with the latest functional training equipment.  Every inch of this 1800 sq. ft. space is designed to work for you, from functional battle ropes, BOSU balance trainers and sandbags, to a state-of-the-art functional training cage.

The main floor boasts one of California’s largest permanent collegiate style indoor tracks with 2 lanes measuring 150m in length.  This oval track is used for sub maximal tempo running and aerobic conditioning. There is also a 3 lane 60m straight away used for acceleration and maximum velocity training.

Also located on the main floor is a 6,000 sq. ft. weight room and plyometric area, used for weight and jump training. The floor is covered in rubberized performance flooring to ensure sufficient cushioning for plyometric/ jump training.